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      学院现有教职工73人,专任教师67人,其中教授12人,副教授15人,硕士生导师42人,拥有高级职称的教师占专任教师总数的40%。学院 62人具有硕士及硕士以上学位,占教师总数的84%,7人正在攻读博士学位。学院还长期聘请省内外20余位专家担任兼职、客座、荣誉教授。学院现有本科生1436人,硕士研究生63人,留学生33人,MBA学生408人。

     学院现有甘肃省领军人才3人,学院教师获得省级青年教师教学竞赛奖2项。学院有省级精品课程3门,省级教学团队1个,本科生实习基地22个。近年来,学院教师共发表学术论文293 篇,出版专著9部,教材10部。承担国家自然科学基金项目和国家社会科学基金项目13项,省部级科研奖励40 项,年均科研合同额达140余万元。

Department of Economics at Lanzhou Jiaotong University was established in 1995. In 2000, School of Economics and Management was established.The school currently consists of 3 departments which encompass Accounting Department,Economics Department and Business Administration Department. The school also have Provincial Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, Northwest Traffic Economy Research Center, MBA Program Education Center and MPACC Program Education Center.The school provides 6 specializations at undergraduate level such as accounting, international economics and trade, business administration, marketing, financial management and economics. It offers two specializations in these two master programs, including industrial economics and business management. The programs of MBA and MPACC are also offered.The school also offers undergraduate minor in accounting, international economics ans trade and  business administration.

The school currently has 73 faculty members including 67 full-time teachers. There are 12 professors and 15 associate professors, Which accounts for 40% of full-time teachers. 61 people with doctor’s or master’s degrees account for 84% of the total number of teachers. 7 people are studying for PHD. There are 42 master’s supervisors. The school also has engaged more than 20 experts served as adjunct professor, guest professor and honorary professor. At present, there are 1436 undergraduates, 63 postgraduates, 33 international students and 408 MBA students.

There are 3 Provincial Leading Talents.Teachers of school has won 2 Provincial Teaching Competition Prize. There are 3 Provincial Excellent Courses, 1 Provincial Teaching Team and 22 Internship Bases currently. In recent years, the faculty members have published 293 papers, 9 monographs and 10 teaching materials. They also have taken 4 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 9 National Social Science Fund Projects and 40 Provincial Research Award. The annual scientific research contract amounted to more than 1400,000 yuan.